About Us

Steel Defender is a personal body armor company created in 2010 by Arno Justman, a retired Navy Commander who served the United States of America as a pilot through the cold war and many international conflicts. Justman is a family man and business entrepreneur who felt it important to have quality armor protection for himself and his family. After a lengthy search and not finding a protective armor solution that met the standards he sought, Justman designed and built Steel Defender armor to specifications that meet highest standards and testing.

Steel Defender personal armor plates are sought after and relied upon by law enforcement and military personnel, first responders, paramilitary lines of duty and civilians. Steel Defender produces high quality, low cost, durable body armor that is shipped around the world with one of the fastest shipping times available. We are proud to lead the industry in practices and processing of personal steel plate body armor that is made to last for a lifetime protection.

Customer service and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us and we welcome hearing from you. Our promise to customers is to continue seeking the best and safest practices and production of personal body armor because your safety and that of your family is our main goal.