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8x10 Armor Plate

8x10 Armor Plate

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8x10" Steel Defender Ballistic Body Armor Plates are manufactured in America from NIJ Level III certified 1/4" thick 500 Brinell hardness (AR 500) armor steel plate.

Our Steel Defender 8x10 Ballistic Body Armor Plates are manufactured specifically for us from 1/4" thick 500 Brinell hardness armor plate steel which exhibits high-hardness and are certified NIJ Threat Level III. 500 Brinell hardness armor plate steel is used to stop high velocity projectiles, i.e., bullets. This armor steel plate is particularly useful in protecting against blunt trauma, knives and firearms. The N.I.J threat level is determined by 3 factors – the size of the round that the product is meant to defend, the speed at which that round is traveling, and the distance the round will travel before reaching the target.

Steel Defender steel is quenched and tempered at very high temperatures to sustain a tough surface for the best levels of protection.

  • NIJ Level III certified and lab tested to stop handgun rounds, high velocity rifle rounds, knife attacks and blunt trauma.
  • Manufactured in America!
  • Plate is 8" wide, 10" tall and 1/4" thick.
  • Plate has a 19 degree curvature to conform to your chest and back for maximum comfort.
  • Plate weighs 5 lbs.
  • Manufactured from lab certified NIJ Level III AR 500 ballistic steel.
  • Every armor plate comes with an individual certificate stating ballistics lab testing as NIJ Level III.

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