Defend yourself!
These are times of economic upheaval, high unemployment, international terror threats, domestic threats, and cyber-attacks on our utilities, banking systems, and national infrastructure. In the overall instability and uncertainty, you could very well find yourself and your loved ones in an instantaneous scenario of panic, riots, major societal upheaval, and sheer violence. An armor vest is very much like a gun—if you need it and don't already have it—it's too late to buy one!!

Steel Defender 100% Veteran Owned.

Armor manufactured in America!

All LEO’s, military and first responders (active or retired) receive 10% off of all orders. Call for discount code.

We NEVER sell your personal information to anyone!

Steel Defender Armor Plate Features
Steel Defender Plate Carrier Features

Our Guarantee

We are so sure of the quality and durability of our vests and armor plating that we provide a full thirty day – no questions asked – money back guarantee as well as a full lifetime replacement guarantee on our vests and armor plates.
Guarantee does not apply in the case of intentional shooting and/or testing.