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Steel Defender
OUR MISSION: Provide U.S. citizens the absolute best armor vest at the lowest possible cost.

our guarantee

We are so sure of the quality and durability of our vests and armor plating that we provide a full thirty day – no questions asked – money back guarantee as well as a full lifetime replacement guarantee on our vests and armor plates.*

*Guarantee does not apply in the case of intentional shooting and/or testing.

sd max vest
modular vest
compact vest

STEEL DEFENDER vests are specifically designed with two overriding objectives in mind: when you need to armor up quickly and you need the level lll protection of ballistic steel plating that will help protect you from blunt trauma, knife attacks and all the way up to high velocity rifle bullets!! Our vests are MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) with plenty of PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) so in a split second emergency you will have everything you need at hand, attached to your vest and ready to go—every time!

Let's face it—in these times of economic upheaval, high unemployment, international terror threats, cyber-attacks on our utilities, banking systems, national infrastructure and overall instability and uncertainty, you could very well find you and your loved ones in an almost instantaneous scenario of panic, riots and major society upheaval and sheer violence. An armor vest is very much like a gun—if you need it and don't already have it—it's too late to buy one!! Ask yourself, “Is as little as $179.00 worth the investment if it saves your life?” If the answer is yes, then Steel Defender Body Armor is the answer. Orders ship and arrive within 72 hours, in most cases.


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